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Product Code: MG-95
Mainca MG-95 Mixer Grinder Hybrid, 4HP capable of 55lbs/min.
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Mainca has Revolutionized the concept of the "Mixer-Grinder" with our new MG-95 Hybrid MIXER with Grinding Capability. Mainca's unique "Sliding Gate" Tub Seal separates the grinding head from the tub and allows the MG-95 to perform as a True Mixer. The tub can then tilt to unload the mixed product without regrinding. It is perfect for specialty products such as Gourmet Hamburger Mixes, Pasta and Potato Salads, Sausage Batters with Encapsulated Citric Acid, and any item which benefits from an exact timed mix without additional grinding. With the Slide Gate open, the MG-95 performs as an extremely efficient and fast Mixer Grinder. The MG-95's Programmable Timer stores ten Timed Programs with both Forward and Reverse Mixing to insure the perfect blend every time for every product. The all Stainless-Steel Head, Built-in Splash Guard, Reverse Worm Jog and Rear Mounted Backsplash (to eliminate overthrow while loading) are just a few of the exciting features found exclusively on the Mainca MG-95.

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